Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Facts about Guns

A gun is a weapon designed to discharge projectiles or other types of material. The projectile may be solid, liquid, gas or energy. The projectiles may be free, as with bullets and artillery shells, or captive, as with taser probes and harpoons. With that being said, here are 10 random facts about guns, gun violence, and gun control. I hope you enjoy.

10. In the city of Kennesaw, Georgia, they have a law that each and every head of the household must own a gun. -Source: Wikipedia.org

9. In the United States of America, there were 3.59 gun murders per 100,000 people. This is the lowest it has even been since 1981. -Source: FactCheck.org

8. The ownership guns in America has been declining overall, about a third of households still own a gun. -Source: PewResearch.org

7. 2 A study published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy discovered that nations that have more guns tend to have less crime. -Source: TheAcru.org

6. Russian astronauts bring guns into space to defend themselves against animals like bears if they land off-course returning home. -Source: NBCNews.com

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5. In 2011, the gun industry had a 31.8 billion dollar impact on the US economy that year, which increase from 27.8 billion dollars in 2009. -Source: HuffingtonPost.com

4. Active shooter events have become more common in recent years.

3. From the 12 deadliest shootings in the United States of America, six have happened from 2007 and beyond. -Source: WashingtonPost.com

2. The 9 European countries with the lowest rate of gun ownership have a combined murder rate that is 3 times more than the 9 European countries with the highest rate of gun ownership. -Source: TheAcru.org

1. Only 1.1% of background checks, a mandatory requirement of purchasing a firearm in the United States of America, were denied between 1994 and 2009 -Source: BusinessInsider.com

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