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Demeter Facts

Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen
In Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, who ruled over grains and the fertility of the world. The Roman counterpart to her is Ceres. Thus, here are a few facts about the Greek goddess Demeter. I hope that you enjoy.

10.Demeter was the offspring of Rhea and Cronos.

9. Demeter was the goddess of fertility and crops.

8. Persephone was Demeter's only daughter; Persephone’s father was Zeus.

7. She showed man the art of producing and using corn.

6. A fertility celebration held in glory of Demeter called Thesmophoria was only attended by women.

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Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen
5. Her most notable celebration came at the harvest time but only occurred every 5 years.

4. Demeter was older than Dionysus, greek god of wine and the grape harvest; They were the 2 prominent gods of the Earth.

3. Demeter placed famine in the world because her daughter, Persephone, was livid over her kidnapping by Hades.

2. Demeter and Persephone, her daughter, were eventually brought together again at Zeus’s order.

1. Demeter was given 4 months a year with Persephone; her child would stay with Hades for the other 8.

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