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Facts About Apollo: Part 2

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Here are a 10 more facts about the ancient Greek god Apollo. I hope that you like it.

10. Apollo was a cleanser, able to purify even those smeared with the blood of their kin.

9. The swan and dolphin were the creatures holy to the Greek God Apollo.

8. The laurel was Apollo’s tree. It was also used in Greece as a symbol of status. 

7. Apollo mistakenly killed Hyacinthus, his beloved companion, in a discus throwing competition.

6. Apollo is known for killing the Cyclops in response for arming Zeus with his thunderbolt.

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5. Asclepius is in all likelihood Apollo’s most widely known son, even though he had several offspring.

4. When songs of praise were sung to the Greek God Apollo they were called paeans.

3. The Greek god Hermes built the lyre for Apollo and this instrument became a familiar trait for him.

2. The Greek god Zeus and the Titan Leto bore Apollo, who was born on the Greek island of Delos.

1. Apollo is correlated with control over settlers, and as the supporting guardian of flocks and herds.

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