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Facts About Aphrodite

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Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is one of several of the immortals in Greek mythology... I hope that you enjoy the facts.

10. The Greek goddess Aphrodite is associated with love, fertility, and beauty.

9. Two stories explain the birth of Aphrodite: 1) She was born of Zeus and Dione or 2) She swelled from the suds of the sea.

8. Aphrodite was wed to Hephaestus, god of fire, but she didn't go into this marriage of her own will.

7. The Greek goddess Aphrodite and Ares conceived Harmonia who is the goddess of harmony.

6. Hermes and Aphrodite conceived Hermaphroditus who was changed into an androgynous being by Salmacis, a water nymph.

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5. Cupid and his mother Aphrodite worked together to cause Zeus to fall in love with a mortal named Europa.

4. Aphrodite used a swan-pulled car to drift easily through the sky.

3.Hera, Queen of Olympus, went to Aphrodite for help as she aimed to help the heroes in their Quest for the Golden Fleece.

2. Aphrodite saved Alexander from Menelaus, king of Mycenaean Sparta, by covering him in a cloud and bringing him back to Troy.

1. Hera borrowed Aphrodite's girdle which contained her magic to seduce Zeus in order to sidetrack him from the Trojan War.

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1. Prostitutes considered Aphrodite their patron saint.

2. Aphrodite’s center of worship was Corinth.

3. In ancient Greek art the greek goddess Aphrodite was depicted nude.
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