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Facts about Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is known for her roles in The Hunger Games and Winter’s Bone, and is heralded as one of the most promising young actresses working today.

20. Jennifer Lawrence was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on August 15, 1990.

19. Before setting her sights on acting, Lawrence aspired to become a doctor.

18. Jennifer was discovered by a modeling agent when she was 14 years old.

17. She has two older brothers, Ben and Blaine.

16. Lawrence was voted "most talkative" in 7th grade. Her nickname was also "Nitro." After seeing her candid interviews, we're not surprised!

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15. She auditioned for the roles of Bella Swan in Twilight and Emma Stone’s role in Superbad but didn’t land either.

14. She was a high school cheerleader.

13. JLaw says John Stamos is one of the celebrities she was most excited to meet.

12. She has no formal acting training. In fact, she was not even enrolled at the drama program at her school.

11. Lawrence's big break came in the indie hit "Winter's Bone" (2010). Besides learning to fight and chop wood for the role, she also became skilled at skinning squirrels. The film depicts her character butchering a squirrel and it's 100 percent J.Law.

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10. After filming X-Men: First Class in London, JLaw had to fight to get the security deposit for her Notting Hill apartment back because she had stained the bathtub blue from her makeup as the character Mystique.

9. Her parents made a deal with her, she could only act if she finished school.

8. Lawrence is the first woman from Kentucky to win an acting Oscar since Patricia Neal's win in 1964 for her role in "Hud," opposite Paul Newman.

7. She claims to be the “fastest pee-er ever.”

6. JLaw's teachers wouldn't let her play with the girls in pre-school. They said she was too rough.

5. Growing up, her family owned a horse farm. Lawrence's pony was named "Muffin."

4. Lawrence auditioned for the role of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but the role went to Rooney Mara. She still has a picture of herself in character — goth, with tons of piercings — on her iPhone.

3. She graduated two years earlier from high school. She was a straight A student and her GPA was 3.9.

2. Her favorite movies are "The Big Lebowski," "Harold and Maude," and "Midnight in Paris."

1. JLaw trained with a four-time Olympian archer from Georgia (the country, not the state) to prepare for her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

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